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Terms of Use

**Narcissistic Abuse Survivors Support Group - Terms and Agreement**

Welcome to the Narcissistic Abuse Survivors Support Group. Before participating, please carefully review and agree to the following terms:

  1. **Confidentiality:** All discussions, personal information, and experiences shared within the support group must remain confidential. Respect the privacy of fellow members, and refrain from disclosing any details outside of the group.

  2. **Non-judgmental Environment:** This is a safe space for everyone. Show empathy, compassion, and understanding towards fellow survivors. Refrain from judging or criticizing others' experiences or coping mechanisms.

  3. **Respectful Communication:** Treat all members with respect and courtesy. Avoid offensive language, discriminatory remarks, or any behavior that may harm others emotionally or psychologically.

  4. **No Promotions or Solicitations:** This group is solely for support and healing. Do not promote or solicit products, services, or businesses during the sessions.

  5. **Professional Guidance Disclaimer:** While members may share their experiences and coping strategies, the support group is not a substitute for professional therapy or counseling. If you require mental health assistance, please seek help from licensed professionals.

  6. **Self-responsibility:** Members are responsible for their well-being and the decisions they make. The group organizers and facilitators are not liable for individual choices or actions outside of the support group.

  7.  **Participation:** Active participation is encouraged, but members have the right to pass on sharing if they feel uncomfortable. However, listening and providing support to others are highly appreciated.

  8.  **Conflict Resolution:** In case of disagreements or conflicts, address concerns respectfully and privately with the involved parties. If resolution cannot be reached, notify the group facilitator.

  9.  **Strictly for Survivors:** This support group is exclusively for those who have experienced narcissistic abuse. Participants who are not survivors or have ulterior motives will be asked to leave.

  10. **Voluntary Attendance:** Attendance is voluntary, and members may leave the group at any time without providing a reason.

By participating in the Narcissistic Abuse Survivors Support Group, you agree to abide by these terms and create a nurturing environment for all members. Together, we support each other's healing journey and foster strength, resilience, and growth.

*Note: This agreement may be subject to change. Any updates will be communicated to group members in a timely manner.*

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