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Our Transforming Programs/Packages:

As we work to heal painful wounds and learn to make peace with ourselves, Narcissistic Abuse
Survivors’ intimate, informational sessions are guaranteed to enlighten, inspire, and create total
wellness for women impacted by emotional and mental abuse. Our programs help improve
relationships as you release the baggage from the past and shift to a higher consciousness.
Learn how to overcome emotions related to an unstable upbringing. Remove yourself from the
pattern of co-dependency. Break free of anxiety, depression, and enormous sadness and anger.
Join us for an empowering journey, as we provide you with tools needed for greatness and
greater awareness.

On the first Saturday or Monday evening of each month, our live online meetings are made
available on Facebook and Periscope, for a global reach.

We also have referral packages for anyone in need of a professional therapist, as well as
informational packages. There is also an annual Narcissistic Awareness Walk held June 1, to
recognize World Narcissistic Awareness Day. This event is available to the general public.

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