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Steps to starting over after narcissistic abuse and pursuing a healthy emotional life ... 

First, understand your family’s pathology.
-Second, come to grips with your truth (whatever happened to you to cause dysfunctional behavior).
-Third, love ️ yourself abundantly!
-Fourth, Set healthy boundaries
- Fifth, get a good therapist (Do not suffer in silence).

-Kendall T. Johnson

Our Mission

Never allow anyone to physically, mentally, emotionally, or sexually abuse you - under no circumstance!
Some people use their professional influence to manipulate women into doing things they wouldn’t normally do.
Unfortunately, there are emotionally broken women that fall for this everyday. Most of these women become trapped for years.
Change the dysfunctional patterns within yourself, so you can recover and begin attracting healthy relationships.
Heal for real so you can smile again!
-Kendall T. Johnson

Did you know that there is an invisible force magnetically and romantically attracting you to people? Whether the attraction is healthy or toxic is an indication of where you are emotionally. If you are continuing to attract toxic, emotionally manipulative, abusive individuals, cheaters, or people who deliberately and repeatedly hurt you ... you may need to learn why you are unconsciously doing this.

Thank you.


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